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8 Distinctive Character Traits of Hanoi People

Hanoians have always been frequently mentioned in the literary works of Vietnamese poets. You have surely heard a lot about Hanoi tourism, about the famous landmarks and entertainment spots in this historically rich land with its thousand-year-old civilization. Hanoi is always considered the economic, political, and cultural center of Vietnam. So, is it possible to explore Hanoi in such a straightforward manner? Let’s broaden our perspectives and learn about Hanoi through intriguing stories.


Living in a land that gathers the essence of heaven and earth, and converges various cultures, Hanoians have the advantage of refining and absorbing the beauty of character and soul from everywhere. The portrait of Hanoians is depicted in their personality traits such as:

1. Intelligence and Erudition

This is considered a prominent characteristic of Hanoians. It is reflected in both the tangible and intangible cultural values present in Hanoi’s tourism. Notable examples include the architectural complex of the Temple of Literature – Quốc Tử Giám, and the symbol of the Pen Tower and Ink Slab, which signify the respect and recognition given to talented individuals and those with outstanding achievements. This trait is expressed through the strong emphasis on education, the high regard for knowledge, and the scholarly spirit of the majority of Hanoi’s residents.

2. Talent and Elegance – Distinctive Traits of Hanoians


Hanoians lead a diverse and rich life. They have long been known for their versatility and craftsmanship, creating high-quality products to satisfy their own aesthetic and recreational needs. They also engage in many refined hobbies that enrich their spiritual lives. Hanoians are known for their discerning tastes in food, fashion, and leisure, possessing a delicate and gentle aesthetic sense. They know how to appreciate beauty and how to enhance their own.

3. Generosity and Elegance


This is the magnanimous, generous, and courteous demeanor found in famous artists and among ordinary citizens. Setting aside the intellectual elite, even ordinary people display distinctive traits: a bit rebellious, somewhat arrogant, self-respecting, and valuing fame over honor.

4. Compassion and Love for Peace

The compassion and empathy of Hanoians are first evident in their attitude towards nature, and even more so in their interactions with other people. As the capital city and a cultural melting pot, Hanoians live harmoniously and amicably with everyone. They deeply understand the community spirit of “Home – Village – Nation” and live in unity.

5. Moderation


Generally, Hanoians rarely become overly excited, maintaining a calm and leisurely attitude. They are not greedy or envious but value peace and stability. This trait contributes to the simple and unpretentious lifestyle of the people in the ancient capital.

6. Civility and Elegance

This is a quintessential characteristic of Hanoians. Elegance and civility combine various beautiful traits, including sophistication, simplicity, and a blend of tradition and modernity. Furthermore, elegance and civility are not entirely separate; they are closely intertwined, each containing elements of the other.

7. Industriousness and Creativity

With ancient traditional craft villages, skilled artisans, and renowned products both domestically and internationally, these aspects partly illustrate the distinctive character of Hanoians.


8. Rich in National Spirit, Dignified

This is most evident in their national pride, patriotism, and historical resilience against foreign invaders, as recorded in history. This noble characteristic extends beyond just Hanoians to become integral to the Vietnamese people.

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These traits have long defined Hanoians, both in the past and present. Over time, these characteristics have evolved into unique qualities specific to Hanoians. However, there are also negative aspects to these traits:

  • Excessive caution leads to hesitancy and reluctance to take bold actions.
  • Overemphasis on family over community.
  • Occasional arrogance and excessive pride, sometimes result in an unwillingness to accept truths and a preference for showcasing achievements over acknowledging shortcomings.
  • Valuing social status and occasionally showing disdain towards rural areas.
  • Reserved and discreet behavior, sometimes leading to a reserved and less candid demeanor.
  • Additionally, throughout its thousand-year history marked by invasions and occupations, Hanoi’s culture has fostered a strong spirit of resistance against imposed rules and policies, sometimes resulting in a tendency to disregard legal norms.

These are the defining characteristics of Hanoians. To gain a deeper understanding of Hanoi’s culture and its people, consider booking a domestic tour with Hanoi Bike Tour, the leading tour operator offering the most competitive prices for Hanoi tours today.

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