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A perfect morning with a west lake cycling tour

Embark on a serene morning cycling journey around West Lake, where tranquility and the crisp morning air set the tone for a refreshing start to your day. Discover the benefits of staying hydrated and having a light meal before cycling, ensuring you maintain vitality and energy throughout

Find peace through the wheels

West Lake and its surrounding roads are the favorite cycling spots for Hanoi residents. in the early morning, late afternoon, or late evening, many people cycle around the lake for exercise. but perhaps cycling in the early morning is the most loved. as the sun rises, the air is cool and fresh. There’s a sense of peace in the wide-open, airy sky. around the lake are spacious, clean roads, very convenient for cycling, such as Thanh Nien Road, the lakeside road, and the Korean Wharf.


You can rest at lakeside cafes like Cong Cafe. If you want to enjoy Korean food, you can easily find many delicious and stylish restaurants on Trích Sài and Nguyen Dinh Thi streets, such as Meat Plus Ho Tay. West Lake also offers snail noodles and the once-famous shrimp cakes are still sold. All you need is a bicycle for an exciting city exploration trip.

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What did you experience?

If you love cycling and eating to your heart’s content, you’ve found the right tour. The West Lake bike tour is a great way to see and taste the city. Learn about everyday urban life. This 17km trip will let you enjoy all the delicious street food without worrying about getting fat because you have time to burn all the fat immediately. Gather at 6 am, cycle along the road around the lake, and visit famous pagodas such as Tran Quoc Pagoda, Tao Sach Pagoda, Phu Tay Ho, and more.


In a new day’s cool, pristine air, cycle around West Lake and watch the sunrise gradually emerge. We will temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of life, busy yet leisurely enjoying the peaceful, spacious space. Immerse yourself in the heart of the capital, wandering through the streets. You will enjoy many famous delicious dishes.

Some notes when cycling in the morning


Before cycling in the morning, it’s important to fuel your body so it can function well during physical activity. Morning is a time when the body has used up energy during sleep. Without proper nutrients, you may experience symptoms like fatigue or dizziness. It’s advisable to eat lightly, such as a piece of bread or a glass of warm milk, rather than heavy foods that could weigh you down and make exercise difficult, potentially upsetting your stomach.

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