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Three popular cycling spots in Hanoi

The people of Hanoi often engage in various activities to improve their health and well-being, such as cycling and jogging. However, finding a suitable place for cycling can be quite challenging for them. Don’t worry, let’s explore some places together that can help you fulfill those desires!

In the parks around Hanoi


The first and most popular place is the parks. Throughout Hanoi, parks are sprawling with lots of greenery, which is excellent for physical activities like jogging and cycling. These activities require stamina and perseverance, so it’s important to find an ideal location that allows relaxation and a cheerful, comfortable atmosphere. Parks are truly a destination not to be missed for cycling enthusiasts. Here, you can comfortably cycle while breathing in fresh air, and when you feel tired, you can rest under the shade of large trees.

Moreover, you can also freely meet and make friends with new people, increasing opportunities to expand your social circle and friendships around you.

On the roads along West Lake


West Lake is a place that everyone nowadays knows well. It’s not just an ideal dating spot for couples, but the picturesque lakeside roads are also perfect for cycling every morning and evening. There, the fresh, cool, and pleasant air stimulates all senses and boosts your mood, making you feel happier, more confident, and more comfortable while cycling.

Furthermore, the roads around West Lake have very little traffic, making it easy for you to avoid potential dangers while cycling there.

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On the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter


Hanoi’s Old Quarter is indeed a fascinating and familiar place for cycling enthusiasts. “Hanoi’s 36 streets and guilds” is the phrase that best describes the characteristics of the Old Quarter. In Hanoi, the most beautiful and impressive spots are perhaps the familiar streets shaded by large trees in the Old Quarter. It’s considered romantic and a popular backdrop for capturing poetic photos. For cycling enthusiasts, how could they miss out on this? You get to ride your favorite bike while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Hanoi—what could be more wonderful than that?

Thank you for helping me discover these interesting places! I hope to find a suitable and ideal location for cycling activities. If you need more information or have any other questions, feel free to let me know!

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