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Unlocking Cycling Joy!

Welcome to the Hanoi Bike Tour, where cycling passion meets exploration! Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, our workshops are dedicated to unlocking the joy of cycling for all. Whether you're a curious visitor, nature enthusiast, or daily commuter, our meticulously crafted bike rental service offers a wide range of well-maintained bicycles to suit every need. From leisurely rides through bustling streets to thrilling adventures on rugged terrains, we've got the perfect ride for you. With our commitment to top-notch customer service, renting a bike with us is easy, convenient, and affordable. Join us for an unforgettable cycling journey through the vibrant streets of Hanoi. Let's pedal our way to endless discoveries together!

We are proud to be one of Hanoi's top bicycle rental services.

This is evidenced by the testimonials of thousands of customers who have used our services. We offer new model bicycles, a team of professional and friendly staff, and reasonable prices. Additionally, we ensure a safe and time-saving trip for our customers by using optimal routes and providing the best travel route advice

  • Trek Marlin 6/7
  • $ 10
  • Trek Marlin 6/7 (250.000VND per bike per day)


    • Trek Marlin 6 or 7 with 1-10 drivetrain is versatile, catering to riders of different skill levels and interests, ranging from beginners to experienced cyclists.
  • Trek Marlin 5
  • $ 8
  • Trek Marlin 5 (200.000VND per bike per day)


    • Marlin 5 is an excellent entry-level MTB for beginners and those who prefer a wider gear range (16 speeds), offering enhanced versatility, comfort, and performance
  • Touring or Gravel
  • $ 15
  • Touring or Gravel Bike


    • For extended cycling trips with gear like panniers, handlebar bags, and tool kits, a Touring or Gravel Bike is the perfect choice for comfort and efficiency

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