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Cycling Experience in Bat Trang

Bát Tràng, a famous traditional pottery village located about 13km southeast of Hanoi, not only attracts visitors with its exquisite ceramics but also with its unique tourist experiences, especially cycling through the ancient and peaceful village roads.


The cycling trip starts from downtown Hanoi. With a mountain bike, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exciting journey along the Red River, through lush green fields, and tranquil villages. The approximately 13km journey will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city to immerse yourself in the peaceful and fresh atmosphere of the suburbs.

Arriving at Bát Tràng

When you arrive in Bát Tràng, you will immediately feel the difference. The pottery village with its ancient brick-paved roads, traditional houses, and scattered pottery workshops offers a scene that is both ancient and poetic.

Exploring by Bike

You can visit pottery workshops and observe the pottery production process from kneading the clay, shaping, decorating, to firing the pottery. The artisans here are very friendly and willing to share their knowledge about the craft, even allowing you to try making simple pottery products.

The pottery market is where you can find thousands of ceramic products with various designs, colors, and uses. Cycling around the market, you will be able to view and choose unique pottery items to keep as souvenirs or gifts for loved ones.

Cycling through the small village roads, you will encounter images of people diligently making pottery, and ancient houses with typical Northern Delta architecture. The rows of green trees on both sides of the road also create a relaxing and pleasant feeling.

You can stop at a small tea shop, enjoy a hot cup of tea, and listen to stories about the history and culture of Bát Tràng pottery village from the locals. Sometimes, they are willing to tell you folk tales and legends about the village.

Ending the Journey

After thoroughly exploring and experiencing, you can return to Hanoi by bike or choose a bus to go back to the city. The cycling trip to explore Bát Tràng not only helps you exercise but also provides deeper insights into the culture and traditional crafts of Vietnam.

Cycling in Bát Tràng is a delightful experience, bringing a sense of relaxation and connection with nature and people. This will be a memorable highlight in your journey to explore the Northern Delta region.

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